Asset Managment

Surfbird Investments seeks to provide high-quality international asset management with the goal of delivering attractive, long-term and risk-adjusted capital appreciation. The firm serves clients throughout their various life stage, deploying capital in differentiated businesses and financial areas where its professional team has extensive knowledge and experience. With goals that are precisely aligned with those of the clients, the firm provides a holistic approach to help clients achieve their personal goals, and to preserve, grow and transfer their wealth to future generations.

Advisory & Consulting

Surfbird Investments is backed by unparalleled global network, exclusive cooperators and multi-lingual team members. With a consultative approach, Surfbird Investments creates financial plans and business solutions to serve high-net-worth individuals and families, private investment companies, family foundations and private trust companies. The firm’s advisory capabilities focus on the unique attributes and complex issues facing clients, providing tailored solutions and working across borders to meet their objectives.

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